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Tourism and leisure

Aruba’s primary industry is tourism and leisure. Hotels, watersports, transportation, restaurants and entertainment are examples of the areas of this important sector. But the sector faces many challenges from world events, competing destinations, changing demands of customers, new technologies, availability of alternatives like air B&B, but also ever increasing costs of doing business.

Our professional, have an in-depth knowledge of the tourism and leisure industry on Aruba. 

Family businesses

In a small Island economy like Aruba, family businesses have been a driving force for years. Family businesses are unique in nature, two seemingly contrasting worlds; family and business, are combined into one and ideally preserved for future generations. Transferring the business from one family member to another is a complex and weighty decision.  Therefore, business succession should be planned carefully by someone you trust, who has the expertise and knowledge to make you feel secure in assigning them the task of succession planning and its subsequent execution.

Our accountants, (financial)consultants and tax experts are specialized in family businesses and we ensure that we can resolve any issues surrounding your family business from an integral approach.

Consumer business

New technologies, internet shopping, and cautious spending levels due to economic uncertainty, present both challenges and opportunities. Wholesalers also face various challenges in this new landscape. Economies of scale, management information and real time access to delivery status are key to be successful.KB's integrated approach assists you with the tailored set-up of opportunities and mitigating risks from a tax, advisory and finance perspective.

Energy & Utilities

KB knows that nonprofit organizations are founded upon strong relationships. This is also were KB is known for. Our experienced team works closely with you to develope cost-effective approaches to improving operational performance, while maintaining a strong commitment to the communities you serve.

We understand that ‘non-profit’ describes a number of different types of organizations, including educational institutions, charities, healthcare, sporting, culture and community clubs and membership organizations. We take time to develop a solid understanding of your organization, your mission and values, and combine this with our in-depth knowledge of issues affecting the not-for-profit sector and advice your organisation were needed.

Professional services

Professional services firms on Aruba are faced with clients demanding more for less. Increased regulation, use of technology and internationalization are impacting the way that the firms operate.

Our team of accountants, tax specialists and advisers are committed to delivering exceptional service and advice to professional services firms.

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