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Our services

Our Services

Tax services

Effectively managing tax affairs is an increasingly challenging but essential part of your business or personal wealth.We can help save you or your business money and time, and reduce your risk exposure.


We help our clients understand the numbers behind their books so that their business thrives


There is a saying that states ‘A happy worker is a productive worker’. One of the things that will make your employees happiest is being paid correctly in a timely manner.

Interim management

We offer interim management if you are in need of temporary replacement of one of your financial teammembers


Tax & Accounting

At KB Tax & Accounting, we provide our clients in Aruba with premium accounting services. We take care of all your financial and fiscal needs so you can focus on your business. Whether you are starting a business or need help filing tax returns, we have you covered. Our approach combines insights and innovations from multiple disciplines with business and industry knowledge to help your company excel. Our mission is to partner with you and deliver a top quality service with our experienced team with relevant knowledge, dedicated to meeting your expectation. Our business culture of being hands-on and focused on collaboration with you.


Working together with KB Tax & Accounting runs smoothly because they have knowledge of the facts, understands what we - as client - need and they are a very cooperative service provider.


Ready to find out more?

Visit us at our office or get in touch via our e-mail or phone number.

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